2018 New Year Celebration: Buy Additional 1-Pack Toner Only Pay Extra $0.01!

Have you made a new wish for the 2018 New Year? Have you hope to buy yourself a big house or plan to travel around the world? Or you just want to earn and save even more money for a better life? In order to make you more achieve your dreams, with less money to and enjoy better print quality and a higher quality of life, we have launched the large-scale New Year activities for you. Only pay extra cost $0.01, you can get 1 pack toner! This activity takes effect now and ends on 2018.1.31! Come to check out the rules of the buying games!

$0.01 toner cartridgesDuring the activity, you need to buy 4 packs and additional 1pack toner at the same time, then you can enjoy the big discounts by the use of the specialized code! There are four kinds of involved in this activity: tn660, tn450, ce285a, cf283a. We believe there is always a suitable product for you here!

1. Greatest value tn660 and tn450 toner

As our V4ink top and most hot-sales compatible toners, the popularity of these laser toners are self-evident. If you are our old customers, we sure you must be impressive by their stable compatibility and incredible print results. Also, the initial purpose of our superior toners is not only to allow you to enjoy the excellent printing like OEM, but also to provide the lowest price you can afford. It’s obvious to all that our compatible Brother toner always your best option for printing, regardless of page yields or printing performance. And through this activity you can afford another toner for $0.01 on the basis of purchasing our 4-pack toner at the same time.  Only costing $0.01, you can save even big from the investment on our compatible tn660 and tn450 toner!

  • The discount of Brother TN660 Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

5 pack tn660

( TN660 Code: V4HOT660 )


  • The discount of Brother TN450 Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

( TN450 Code: V4HOT450 )


2. Niche but practical, HP ce285a and HP cf283 Toner

Although our ce285a toner and compatible cf283 are not as popular as the formers, we are proud of their outstanding performance and the profound impact they have had on their customers. If you have ever used these two products, we believe you will never be disappointed. These two cartridges have been specially tested to achieve the best quality and the most reliable compatibility, and ensure to give you the same results as the originals! Buy 4 packs of our toner, and you can get a new one as long as you pay another $0.01! That way, you won’t worry about the next batch of print tasks, and our laser toner ensures that you’ll be able to output your desired results in any case. You’ll save $13.98 or more as long as you participate in the purchase of these two products.

  • The discount of HP CE285A Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

5 Pack ce285a toner

( CE285A Code:V4HOT285 )


  • The discount of HP CE283A Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

ce283a toner

( CE283A Code:V4HOT283 )


Of course, we provide you the other packs toner for buying if you don’t need to too much packs toner. Please refer to the table as following to get more details on our other pack toner cartridges.


Go ahead for picking out these practical and superior laser toners! Directly click to enter our activity page https://www.v4ink.com/happy-new-year2018 to enjoy the most money-saving New Year celebration activity! Buy more, save more, and enjoy more surprises in printing process!


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How to Distinguish Between HP CF500A and CF500X Toner Cartridges

For HP’s new generation of printing consumables, cf500a and cf500x, you may not be familiar with them. In fact, they are different printing consumables. Knowing some of the differences between them will help you find the right print supplies based on your printing habits. Now let’s make a short summary of both of their comparisons.

1、The difference points:

  • The most obvious point is the print capacity varies the different models. Do not think they use the same letter cf500 to indicate that they are the same, the differences of them is obvious. In addition to the print capacity, we can also feel this difference in other ways:

differents between cf500a and cf500x

  • Also there are some small differences between the compatible ability of the two:

The printer models v4ink cf500a compatible toner cartridge

cf500x compatible toner cartridges

compatible with printer:

HP Color Laserjet M254dw
HP Color Laserjet M254nw
HP Color Laserjet M281FW
HP Color Laserjet M281FDN
HP Color Laserjet M281FDW
HP Color Laserjet M280NW


The printer models v4ink cf500x compatible toner cartridge

cf500x compatible toner cartridge


compatible with printer:

HP Color Laserjet M254dw
HP Color Laserjet M254nw
HP Color Laserjet M281FDN
HP Color Laserjet M281FDW
HP Color Laserjet M280NW



2、The similar points:

    • In most new generation HP printers, these two printing consumables can be compatible with the same printer and maintain excellent print output quality. Such as in process of use of the HP Color Laserjet M281FDN, cf500a can be used continuously when cf500x is used up. These two are totally supported double-sided printing operation, which can help us reduce paper wastages as well as help us improve the printing efficiency.
    • The use of these cartridge can lower the cost of color printing output is more affordable for users. The new generation cf500 series toners offer the durable capacity and safe toner packaging, which help user avoid costly color printing costs pressure, at the same time let users fully enjoy the conveniences and the beauties of the color printing.
    • Thanks to the practical designs ideas, these two new generation cartridges with different page yield possess powerful performance and strong printing capacity that fully meet users various printing requirement. At the same time help us reduce printing errors or defects and save even more working time.
  • Be clear about their differences in price, print, and performance, and you can quickly find which one is right for you. Most importantly, you can make a reasonable economic choice to make every printing consumable investment cost-effective.


Reduce the Cost of Toner Cartridge is the Key for Enterprises

The function structure of laser printers can be divided into print engine and print controller these two types. Among them are laser scanner, reflection prism, toner cartridge and carbon powder box and so on; the printer controller communicates with the computer through an interface or network. The printing engine will transfer the printed content received to the paper on the printer in the control of the printing controller.

I have bought hp cf230x from this seller few months back and it working perfectly. So decided to order hp cf230x for my other printer as well. package delivered very next day of the order. Easy to install, no spillage, super fine quality. I print from 40 to 50 sheets a day so it is a necessary to keep this item in stock and will definitely buy again….Happy buyer.

Printer toner and the engine is the core of laser printer, and toner cartridge is an important component of the laser printer. To a certain extent, the quality, cost, and entire service life are all depend on a laser printer. Users now purchase laser printers not only to ask about the price of the machines, but also highlight the cost of a single page, which is closely related to the toner cartridges. Because nearly 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridges, it not only determines the cost of printing a single page, but also has a direct impact on print quality. Toner cartridge belongs to consumable supplies. You need to replace after a period of time, there are a lot of enterprises fill the carbon powder in order to saving the cost of office. Then the toner cartridge will have longer service life, which means that a single page to print cost is lower.

Now the market competition is competitive, the laser printer manufacturer is concerned with the printing quality and the cost of use, and has been seeking technical breakthrough continuously to hope make the toner life longer. Excellent seller and great product. The price is just a fraction compared to brother toner cartridges. I highly recommend using this product. This seller has great customer satisfaction rating and caring.

Until recently I was a believer of buying genuine ink cartridges. However, I decided to try out the ink from this listing. I have been reordering every month. It is very good quality. And I am definitely saving a lot of money. The cartridge was easy to install and the document print outs are dark and easy to read. I’m happy with the purchase and will keep an eye on how many pages are printed with the cartridge.

The Differentiation between TN760 Toner Cartridges and DR730 Drum Units

New released dr730 by Brother is so powerful to be compatible with three kinds of brother toners: tn760, tn730 and tn770. But in daily life, most people will take it for granted that they are the same things. In fact, they are different. Such these differentiations make them have a clear division of the labors and duties, and work together to form the essential parts of the laser printer.

TN760 toner cartridges vs DR730 drum unit

1、What’s the biggest difference between tn760 and dr730?

Scientifically speaking, tn760 is a container of carbon powder that is the composition of printed materials. Without toner, the printed material is still blank and there is nothing in it. And dr730 is the house shell for tn760, which is a power device that transfers the printed information such as images to the paper. Without the drum unit, the carbon powder can’t be formed the printed shapes as you expect on printed materials. On the one hand they are independent of each other, so if either of them breaks down or is used up, you just need to change the bad individual part; on the other hand, they are both indispensable for printers for they work together to finish the printing work. Therefore, if one of them is missing, the entire print process cannot be completed.

2、Different page yields determine how often they should be replaced

In contrast, tn760 has been replaced more often than dr730, because it has fewer pages yields and is easier to be used up. A standard tn760 can print up 3000 and high-volume dr730 can full print 12000 pages in daily use. So, if you are a user who needs high-volume printing, you will obviously feel the dr730 has a much longer life than the tn770, and the dr730 is more durable than tn760. Because of the longer service and larger print capacity, the selling price of dr730 is often more expensive than the later. Of course, the lifespan of tn760 is limited. When you replace three or four carbon powders, it turns out that tn760 should be replaced.

3、Different approaches depend on different areas of responsibility

Because of their respective roles, their respective fields are different. For example, if you find that the color of the printed material has faded, that means your tn760 carbon powder will run out, and you just need to replace a new toner. As we said previously, we don’t need to replace dr760. However, if you find that there are some black lines or irregular white stripes in your printed material, you should check your dr730. If the situation gets serious, you should replace a new one immediately rather than change a new toner.

Unlike HP brand integrated printing consumables, the designs of brother and drum is separately, which can greatly reduce the later printing costs and provide great conveniences when replacement. If you are fond of this separate structure of brother printing consumables, think about tn760 and dr730, the new version with chip for the best printouts. Although tn760 and dr730 belong to different individuals, in some places they are similar: they both are vulnerable so that we should need to maintenance them in daily use and prevent them from the harm from the outsides, at the same time, make full use of them.

BUY V4ink Now -A Good Value For What You Pay

I’ve been a faithful user of Cartridge World for several years. Always a good job. But in the last year I have seen quality deteriorate, and lifetime of reloaded cartridges decrease. Not saying anyone is cutting corners but ….. The last straw was a series of cartridges that when just inserted (Brother laser printer) were faint. Rocked them. Tossed them. CHANGED THE DRUM ($200). Still faint. Cruising Amazon and found two (2) v4ink cartridges for $20. Hey, why not give it a try.

After all, I’d been paying way more PER cartridge from Cartridge World. Arrived today. Did a test print from MS Word before, then the same doc 5 minutes later after inserting the v4ink cartridge. LIKE DAY AND NIGHT.!!! Was faint on all sides. Now crystal clear. Even good enough to see yellow highlighted text on a black & white printout. I’m sold and I’m going to tell everyone I know about this. v4ink—Please maintain product quality. That is the key. We who print need good quality printouts. And I was nearly ready to toss my printer thinking it was the problem.

I was skeptical about these printer toner cartridges because they’re so much cheaper. I’ve been using this toner for about one month or so and haven’t had a single problem. I’ll never go back to the “real” toner because this is 1/3 of the price–and I got two toner cartridges! Great replacement toner. Two cartridges came with this order. It was packages well. I put the first one in and there is no leakage, no spots or smudges. Great price. Will purchase from then again.

I’ve used V4INK for many years and have always found them the best after market / Refilled Ink cartridges. I use my printers in business as well as personal (home office) and the quality that I’ve gotten from V4Ink cf230a is outstanding! Thank you V4Ink for such a cost saving option on Amazon! We ordered from Amazon. It arrived quickly and was well packaged without going overboard. We’ve been using the ink cartridge for about 2 months. It works great! It’s easy to install, prints well, and we haven’t had any problems. We’d definitely choose V4Ink again.

I ordered them on Thursday night and they were delivered promptly on Saturday afternoon by 2pm. Didn’t even pay for expedited shipping.

The package and packing materials were very high quality and were such that they could easily handle shipping under very rough conditions. Opening the package was a synch.

I removed the OEM cartridges and installed these with no issues, just the same as I would normally install the OEM units. I’ve ran several test pages and the ink seems to be of the same quality as the OEM and with that, I am absolutely ecstatic!!! This ~$50 purchase saved me over $350 over the cost of new, OEM cartridges.

I have four daughters who my wife and I home school so we go through a ton of ink and paper. The test that we put this ink through will be sufficient enough for anyone using this in an office environment.

I will continue to provide feedback if anything changes but so far, this has been an excellent experience from purchase to use. I will absolutely purchase these again in the future.


Reliable Printing Experience CF217A

The printer cartridge set helps you reduce the cost of high-volume printing. With this cost-effective option designed for high-volume printing, you can experience the professional, reliable printing that cf217a compatible printing supplies bring.

Cf217a compatible printing supplies are easy to manage and use. Plus, the dual suit (two cf217a compatible black laser print cartridges) is easy to use, reducing printer downtime to a lower level.

Cf217a compatible toner cartridges account for 70% of the printing system, and the printer will provide reliable, professional print, saving you much time. The printer cartridge further reduces your printing costs and thus saves you money as well.

Cf217a compatible toner cartridge helps reduce the cost with high-value options designed for high-volume printing. The more printing, the more you will save. With the printer cartridge, you can reduce your company’s printing costs while achieving consistent, professional output and a reliable, worry-free compatible toner cartridge experience.

Make the most of your print budgets. Cf217a toner cartridge laser printer original doubles set of print volume more than a single cartridge. With two drum cartridges suitable for high volume printing, you can print more papers at a lower price. Save on shipping costs – Get two cartridges at a time.

Prints are assured – cf217a toner cartridge works well with your printers and MFPs to provide excellent performance. Printable professional gives you quality black and white documents. They are also free and easy to recycle.

Maintain high output, so there is no need to worry about the consumables. Compared with a separate cartridge, two cartridges are packed together to reduce shopping fees. Reduce downtime – Additional toner on hand. Intuitive design makes the replacement cartridge easy.

Printing more affordable-cf217a toner cartridge doubles sets of print volumes more than a single cartridge.

The more you print, the more you save. Cf217a toner cartridge Double Kit provides you with professional print quality and there are more toner than one a single cartridge. With an extra cartridge on hand, you will keep productivity high and reduce your working time.

V4ink new compatible HP 17A CF217A  toner cartridge is the replacement of the OEM model with the highest standards of quality, reliability and compatibility.

V4ink CF217A toner cartridge compatible for printer:
HP LaserJet Pro M102w
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fn
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fw
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130nw
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130a

They work like a champ – The expensive Brother cartridge only lasted 1/2 of the advertised print life. Great replacement toner. So far it has not leaked or jammed my printer. It just working just like the OEM toner that came with the printer years ago. For the price, this is a no brainer. This is my second experience with these cartridges and they work great. I used them first at home and had such a great experience, I purchased them for my business. They are easy to install and there is no mess created like there would be if you replaced the toner itself. These cartridges fit the printer as advertised and immediately after installation there were no smears or gaps on my printed documents. I will definitely continue to be a customer!


V4ink Christmas Carnival: The Amazing Christmas Gifts We Have Ready Prepared for You!

As the last carnival festival of the 2017 year, the most popular Christmas must what you look forward to. And are you eager to receive the gifts from your friends or your family? Oh, what’s the most importantly is whether you decide to prepare the nice Christmas cards with bright handwriting contains you blessing for both your friends and family? And all these V4ink have prepared good for you advance to let you highly enjoy the coming Christmas! The activity time lasts from 2017.12.7 to 2017.12.31, thus you have sufficient time to prepare your gifts for the coming Christmas.

v4ink's Christmas Coupon

There are three bright spots in this big activity for you to add more fun. At the same time to thank you for your supports for our brand consumables. We will let you keep enjoy the best result with lowest prices. This activity is what we carefully prepared for your Christmas, hopefully you will love it and always keep supporting our brand printing consumables.

1. Ranking will directly determine the benefits you can get in this event

The rankings will depend on your purchase at V4ink during the event. The more you buy, the higher your ranking, and the more benefits you will get from our official website.

    • During the event, you will receive a 15% discount on your registration as a member or login to your account.v4ink 15% coupon


    • During the event, You will receive a 17% discount (valid for one year) when you purchase more than twice.v4ink 17% code


    • During the event, Purchases more than three times, you not only get a 17% discount, but also get a luck square for 100% winning.v4ink coupon


  • During the event, Purchase more than four times, in addition to get 17% discount, each additional order will increase 1 additional lucky square opportunities for 100% winning.v4ink lucky square

Tips: During the event, More of your order, more chances of lucky square you can get.

2, Don’t want to be our members just want to participate in activities, no problem, share our activities in social media,  and you will get an extra lucky square!

Sharing the event to social media

If you do not want to be a member, there is no need to purchase toner for the time being, just want to participate in our activities. Then, you can share our Christmas carnival activities with the friends who need them through social media. Is it a good thing to share happiness with your best friends and family on Christmas day? Of course, you can repeatedly share to different social media for more lucky draw opportunities. However, only one draw a day, so the rest of the opportunities can draw the other day.

3.Amazing big prizes for ultimate award!


In addition to get the luck coupon, you have the chance to become our annual lucky boys! Only two people can become our luckiest boys. One is the customer with the largest number of orders in 2017, and the other is who with the largest amount of purchases in 2017! If you are so luckier that become our luckiest person, you will get our $100 cash coupon to afford our superior products!

Are you can’t help coming a prize draw and becoming our luckier person? The last carnival activity for obtaining superior printing with less money than ever before, come to take part in this unforgettable activity!Visit our activity page https://www.v4ink.com/christmas-lucky-square-2017,  and get the biggest discounts and enjoy a different Christmas celebration. Take action now to purchase your favorite print consumables!

Working Efficiency of the Brother Cartridge and Toners

First we need to know how the image can form when being printed out. There are several ways to produce toner images on the surface of the paper. The first is the physical grinding method. The advantage of the grinding method is its low cost. However, the ground toner particles are uneven and the shapes are not uniform. It may affect the print quality. The second way is the chemical synthesis method: the use of chemical methods and the different materials form a spherical toner, fixing the image. The spherical carbon powder is of high charge, low melting point, delicate uniform and easy to print high Quality documents. This process is currently more popular other than carbon powder, which is a biological toner. And there are raw materials in the toner containing a certain percentage of bio-resin, which can save energy and oil, and improved biodegradability. This is for sure more conducive to environmental protection.

best toner

By contrast, we can easily find that the toner production process has a very big impact on print quality, and chemical synthesis of spherical toner became more closely to form a better image. As the toner is arranged irregularly, it can also affect print quality. In formal document printing, the quality requirements of users generally are higher, so we recommend the Brother toner to you.

Pay attention to the long-term average performance of your brother toners! In the past when working for the group company, some purchasing newcomers bought a low-cost cartridge, and then give the reasons justifiably, “You see, it prints out the same effects?” Come on please look at the long-term effects. At the very beginning, they all feel the same. But after some time, you will find that long-term uses do matter.

Focused on efficiency, you are very concerned about the cost of time! Printer is an office appliance, due to improper use or service life, some failure is inevitable, then the follow-up to prevent the use and maintenance is inevitable, either. Although being inevitable, we can still control and reduce its losses, including the loss of money and time costs. A call can in a short time bring the staff to troubleshoot, bringing more than just the feeling of relieving, more efficiency.

Finally, take a look at the customer review: Great toner product even better for the price. I read all the other reviews and noted that some reported the print was not as “dark”. I haven’t seen any evidence of this so far. I have changed my toner cartridge many times, using factory replacements. I felt some trepidation while installing this cartridge knowing I bought two of the V4INK cartridges for less than one of the name brand cartridges. After getting it installed and running the very first page (a full page of print mind you), I should have taken a ‘selfie’ to capture the big smile on my face. Even if the other cartridge is no good (I bought a 2-pack), I am still money ahead. I will only buy these from now on. Thank you V4INK.

Another customer review: I was skeptical at first due to the price. Printed almost 800 pages for a car show without any issues. No smearing and the color is as dark on the first page as it is on the last. No fading at all. I’ll.be buying more.

Five Factors You must See before Your Office Consumables purchase

The first of all is to see the effects. The effect is undoubtedly an important measure of a print / copy supplies. Copier effect is to see the text image resolution, whether the distortion will appear, or if the contrast will be large. The original print supplies are no doubt the best, but now there are many universal consumables manufacturer’s technology and it has reached international standards. That leads to the fact that the production of supplies in the printing effect doesn’t have too much difference from the original supplies.
The second is to look at the quality. This includes whether the cartridge will leak ink, toner cartridges will leak or appear ash in the end of papers and so on. Because sometimes there seem to be no problem with the printing effect of the product, but after long-term use of color, print files may appear disconnected and so on. There are some inferior generic printer supplies or fake consumables, easily leading to plugs of the printing head, print quality problems such as the decline. The most serious situation will lead to print head damage, and let the equipment become scrapped.
The next point is to look at the price. Consumables prices have always been user’s concern. After all, people often need to buy supplies and supplies directly determine how much are the costs later. In the printing supplies price issue, the original supplies are expensive, but the print quality is good, and the effect is guaranteed; for general supplies there are no certain industry standards, and the price varies. For photocopier, when it copies faster, there will be more features, and the price will be higher, followed by more expensive supplies and accessories.
And then you need to look at the brand.
In the purchase of photocopiers supplies link, the brand is also crucial. Quality supplies brand, not only allows users to save money, but also let them worry less in the process. Some poor quality supplies their selves have weak production technology and bad material selection. In printing, and the output of the program, it may cause some damage to the copier. Serious or it can even cause internal failure, reducing the life of copiers. So choose a regular brand of supplies is very important.
Finally it comes to after sales services. Print cartridge is a kind of consumables. It is common for companies or some users who print large quantities. Therefore, there are some occasions when the consumables or the improper use of the consumables may cause occasional plugs, print breakage and other failures. And usually to solve these problems, the user will turn to manufacturers for after sales and technical support, so perfect after-sales service is very important to user experience. Come to check CF217A, which can give you perfect answer.

Most Practical MFP M180nw with HP 204A(CF510A) for Individuals and Small Business!

HP MFP M180nw toner

The biggest benefits to small enterprise and home office have come!  The latest issued MFP M180nw and its high-tech toner-cf510a is thoroughly tailor-made for the individuals or small work teams who are longed for the excellent performance, abundant function and cost-effect printer consumables. Hurry up to follow with our footsteps and look at how powerful the MFP M180nw is it!

Wireless capabilities for installing more intelligently

Not unlike other printers, the wireless function is the most popular by people for makes the printer stand out from the rest and omits the messy operations. The installation of high-end MFP M180nw is more easily connects to WIFI even though you are a novice and have no ideals how to start up. The few pages quick set up guide can help you quickly finish the operation. Furthermore, you are able to figure out how to use the input panel on the printer itself to make it discoverable by WIFI and also know how it connects to WIFI network on our own way. Just send an order in your smartphone or the iPad, you can easily control your printer when to start working!

Lightning print speed for helping to work efficiently

When you see the word “lightning” you can imagine how amazing we feel about it when we use it for the first time. We can bet that the latest printer is printing much faster than other printers! Maybe you don’t approve this saying, but as long as you use the MFP M180nw, you will be impressed by the amazing printing speed! And you will never anxious about the printer will delay your work, instead, all your printed materials can be finish in a few minutes that highly improve your work efficiency and save more time for you to do other things.

New generation toner for best print

HP 204A CF510A

You may be unfamiliar with the newest printer consumables-CF510A, which is known for HP 204A, but the old version- cf410a you may be admired of how excellent it is. But the new cf510a toner will extremely realize your print requirements like print possible pages that beyond your imagines. Printing the first-class logos and banners for business within shortest minutes let alone common clear photos and details photography, HP 204A (CF510A) is able to bring the best performance without any glimmer of error for working. Print full 1,000 pages, the all-purpose HP 204A(CF510A) comes with less waste toner and constantly output the outstanding printed contents never inferior than the old generation toner. It is the latest product that makes the printer powerful and work more efficiently.

More compact structures and Multi-functions for use conveniently

If you are in favor of the compact designs of the printers, this printer you should not be missed. Owing to its humanistic structures, this printer doesn’t take up too much space which brings more conveniences of saving more rooms and cost for you. In addition to the nice designs, more function makes it unbeatable assistant for small business and service team. Besides printing, you can scan the files, copy and fax the materials at any time no matter where the place you are! What’s more, using MFP M180nw, there is no necessary for you to look forward to dealing with those dry ink cartridges that can only last for a while.

As the most practical laser printer, HP MFP M180nw printer is solid choice for small business and family use. If you want to find more affordable consumptive material- cf510a toner for your printer in the later use, please don’t forget to come to pay attention to the latest news of the product on our official website. All our printer consumables come with professional considerate after-sales service, and as we insist to do to provide you with the brilliant print results.